Done (except for final cleaning up and mounting some kind of tip-over protection). Non-matching placement of boards and drawers is intended (the small section doesn't get a door).
Did bring most of the packing materials to the collection station though. Plus some coffe breaks and dinner...

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Lesson learned from that: Do not assemble PAX components right after unpacking. Put them somewhere to evaporate all the chemicals from the cheap plywood-ish parts. I had quite the headache after working with the stuff for a day, and both one of the helpers and my partner had an allergic reaction. Been sleeping in a different room for the past two nights.

@galaxis The wicker-like cubby basket things we got for one of their cubby shelves are super offgassy 😑

@deutrino I think the main problem in this case might really have been the shelves... Those came in airtight plastic shrink-wrap instead of cardboard...

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